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We Use Cookies

When you visit our site we want to offer you a wide range of functions, learn your preferences, and provide a more convenient and comfortable use of our website. Thus, our website uses “cookies.”

What Are Cookies?

A cookie includes technology like a pixel that is a tiny file or data saved on your PC/Mac or mobile device when you visit a website. It allows the site to remember your particular actions and preferences (e.g. language, login, and display preferences like font size) over a certain period of time, so you are not required to re-enter them each time you return to the site, or do page-to-page browsing.

Your Options

When you use our website you are agreeing to allow the storage and use of cookies on your PC/Mac or mobile device.

You generally can view our site without cookies, but some sections of the website might not work correctly or navigation will slow down.

In the case you do not want cookies stored on your PC/Mac or mobile device, you have the option to go to your browser’s system setting and deactivate that option. You also have the option to delete all cookies stored in your browser’s system settings at any time.

You can find more information about how to deactivate or delete cookies here. Please remember that if you decide to not accept any cookies it could limit the functionality of our site’s offerings.

Categories of Cookies

Our website uses cookies for various purposes and functions. Certain cookies are:

  • Needed for technical purposes (technical necessity)
  • Stored/used for a particular period of time (storage duration)
  • Placed/stored by our site or third party (cookies provider)

Technical Necessity

Necessary: Our site uses particular cookies since they are necessary for the website as well as its functions to work correctly. The cookies are placed automatically on your PC/Mac or mobile device after you access the site or a particular function, except when you have rejected cookies on your browser.

Not Necessary: Any cookies not strictly required are put on your PC/Mac or mobile device to boost performance and convenience of our site or save particular settings you made. In addition, we use cookies that are not technically necessary to secure data on the use frequency of particular sections of our site, so we can adjust to your needs/requirements in a more targeted way.

Storage Duration

Session Cookies: Certain cookies are only required for a website session’s duration so they are called “session cookies.” When your current session expires or you leave our site these cookies become invalid or are erased. For example, we use session cookies to save certain data during a visitor’s session.

Permanent Cookies: There are some cookies that get stored for a longer time period. For example, this allows us to recognize you after you access our site again later and access the saved settings. For example, then you can access web pages quicker for more convenience. So there is no need to re-set particular options again like your chosen language. These permanent cookies are deleted automatically after a pre-defined period.

Flow Cookies: These cookies get used for any communication between our company group’s internal servers. They get put on your PC/Mac or mobile device after you begin navigation the site then are deleted after your navigation on our website ends. Flow cookies get a unique ID number but we do not let us make any conclusions about the user or customer.

Cookie Providers

Provider Cookies: This kind of cookie is placed by our website or our website’s operator who is commissioned by a user session.

Third-party Cookies: for example, other websites or organizations use web analytics tools to store third-party cookies. They also might be used by external providers in order to integrate content like social plugins from social networks, or to display advertising. Please read below this cookie policy to get further information about web analytics tools as well as measurement of reach.

Use of Cookies for Web Analytics/Reach Measurement

Our site uses Google’s web analytics service known as Google Analytics. It uses cookies in order to identify frequency of use for various sections of our site as well as identify preferences. The data about your use of our website generated by a cookie (e.g. truncated IP address) is then transferred to a United States-based Google server. Google then uses this data to analyze a visitor’s use or our website, create reports for us on website activity, and conduct other services linked to website and web use. Google might also transmit this data to third parties when they are required by law, or third parties evaluate this data for Google.

You can use a browser add-on to deactivate Google analytics if you prevent website analysis from taking place. Here is the add-on you can download. This add-on saves “opt-out” data on your PC/Mac or mobile device that functions to match up a Google Analytics deactivation. Do remember that this type of “opt out” will only deactivate Google Analytics for the browser and particular device when the option out happened. Also bear in mind that you might need to reactivate Google Analytics in the case you delete cookies on a particular device.

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