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Cryptocurrencies are all the rage these days. One industry that has been particularly keen to embrace the financial and technological innovation is that of online gambling. The strictly digital currencies have many advantages over the likes of MasterCard, Visa, and even eWallet-type services. However, it’s not just Bitcoin that companies are allowing customers to play with. Ethereum casinos and with them Ethereum casino bonuses are increasingly popular too! features a huge list of Ethereum no deposit casinos. We always make sure to thoroughly test each to make sure it’s legitimate, and that not only do you have a chance of winning real cash, but you can withdraw it if you do.

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Ethereum Advantages

Like Bitcoin, Ether (the native currency on the Ethereum network) is a decentralised system of payment. This makes it attractive to those wanting to gamble online who might not have access to traditional means of banking.

The Ethereum network works without any central authority. The network itself validates transactions and ensures that they follow the ruleset built into the protocol when it was created. The network does not require the user to prove they have banking access or even identification. All it needs is an internet connection and a suitable Ethereum wallet.

Such a decentralised network might also appeal to gamblers that may be restricted from playing at online casinos in the jurisdiction in which they were born. The Ethereum connection does not care who you are or where you’re using it from. All it cares about is if you paid the trivial fee to broadcast your transaction to the network and if you have sufficient Ether tokens to execute it. Now, we would never condone anyone subverting the laws of their home country by using cryptocurrency or any other method for that matter. However, it is possible.

Another benefit of using a cryptocurrency at a casino is the speed of withdrawals. You are not waiting for various banks to authorise transactions between themselves for days. Once the request is put to the network, it is settled with absolute finality within the space of an hour or two. If you ever felt uneasy about leaving funds at an online casino but felt that the withdrawal process made it difficult to take your money back after each session, an Ethereum casino could be ideal for you.

Another perk of using Ether at an online casino is that the transactions do not cost the merchant (in this case the casino) anything. This means that the operator’s overheads will be much lower than they would be using a legacy payment method. When casinos save money, they can make their offerings more appealing to players through juicier bonuses (and no deposit bonuses), as well as higher return-to-player games. We shouldn’t need to tell you that this is a serious player perk!

Ethereum Advantages Over Bitcoin

Although Bitcoin is the most famous digital currency today, some people find that it doesn’t lend itself well to facilitating customer-to-merchant transaction. They argue that the fees are too high and the time for them to settle makes Bitcoin inefficient.

When Vitalik Buterin was designing the Ethereum network, he wanted to make it cheaper and faster than Bitcoin. This arguably makes it more suitable for use at online casinos since most players want to start gambling as soon as the urge takes them these days.

That isn’t to say that Ethereum is better than Bitcoin. The two are finding different niches. Bitcoin is becoming more of a store-of-value, safe-haven asset and is often likened to the planet’s traditional store-of-value asset, gold. Ethereum on the other hand has a lot more functionality than Bitcoin. Developers can use the platform’s smart contract functionality to create decentralised applications (including casinos themselves). Although this makes the network more versatile, there is a trade-off. The Ethereum network is considerably more vulnerable to a malicious attack thanks to its expanded attack vector. This might not matter to you if you’re just using the cryptocurrency for a quick online punt, however.

No Deposit Ethereum Casinos 2019

Depositing Ether at an online casino for the first time can be a bit nerve racking. The industry is so new that there are no true “household names” offering deposit via the Ethereum network yet. This is where no deposit Ethereum bonuses come in handy!

A no deposit Ethereum bonus allows players to experience an Ethereum casino without parting with any of their precious cryptocurrency. All they need to do is sign up and they’ll receive some bonus Ethers to play with or a raft of free spins. They can then see for themselves if the venue offers them what they’re looking for in an online casino.

The best part is you can win real cryptocurrency when using a no deposit Ethereum bonus. Players should note that Ethereum bonuses are just like any other bonus in that they come with wagering requirements. You may be required to play through the 0.05 ETH the venue gifts you between 10 and 40 times. For this reason, it’s always vital that the player reads and understands all the terms and conditions associated with a bonus.

No Deposit Free Spins

Not all no deposit Ethereum bonuses take the form of bonus cryptocurrency in your account. Some will offer free spins to be used on either one or a short list of slot machines. These promotions are popular too since they also provide players a way of experience the venue’s offerings, whilst providing a way of winning real cash!

A typical no deposit free spins bonus at an Ethereum online casino will feature a set number of free spins. It’s usually between 10 and 100.

Just like the bonus casino credits promotions detailed above, winnings from a no deposit free spin bonus are subject to wagering requirements. Again, ensure you check the terms and conditions thoroughly. These will also let you know which slots are eligible for the promotion, as well as the games that the winnings can be wagered through. Just like with regular no deposit bonuses, some games, like blackjack, may not contribute fully to the wagering requirements. Other particularly lucrative slots may fall into this category too. Checks those terms! You don’t want to play 500 hands of blackjack only to find that it contributed absolutely nothing to your wagering requirements!

Getting Ether

Of course, before you use a no deposit Ethereum casino promotion, you’re going to need some Ether. These days, this is really easy. You no longer need to buy Bitcoin from one trading venue and transfer it to a second casino to pick up some Ether tokens.

Many different exchange platforms, such as Coinbase or the peer-to-peer marketplace LocalBitcoins, now sell Ether tokens. Just sign up to one of these exchanges that accepts the national currency of your choice, make a deposit, and buy up some Ether. You can then send it over to the casino. You can either do this via a wallet in your own control (recommended for newcomers to experience using a wallet for the first time) or directly to the gambling venue.

Alternatively, if you are lucky enough to know people who already hold Ether tokens, you might be able to buy them from a friend or relative and save on trading fees.

Two other ways to get hold of Ether are to earn it (get paid in it) or to mine it (use sophisticated computer equipment to help secure the network and receive payment in ETH for it). These two aren’t really for the average user. Mining requires a fair bit of technical knowhow, and earning it likely requires that you work in some industry affiliated with the cryptocurrency space.

Converting Ether to Cash

Of course, if you win big using your Ethereum no deposit casino bonus, you’re likely going to want to convert at least some of your winnings back to your national currency. Although some merchants do accept payments via the Ethereum network, the number is currently very limited. This means that you’ll need to use an exchange again.

Since you will most likely have bought Ether using an exchange, it makes sense to use the same one. The process is very similar. You just login, deposit your Ether and use it to buy dollars, pounds, euros, or any of the supported currencies at the trading venue. You can then make a withdrawal to the same payment method you used to buy the Ether in the first place.

Provable Fairness

Another attractive quality of cryptocurrency casinos is the concept of “provable fairness”. This utilises blockchain technology to allow computer-literate players to check the games themselves for fairness. In this case, when we mean fairness, we mean that all possible outcomes were indeed entered into the random number generator and therefore your selection in whatever game could have feasibly won. It’s a bit like checking that all the cards are present before a game of poker or a hand of blackjack. Such an advance is a major one for the industry since many feel that online gambling operators are rigged in favour of the house.

Different sites have different ways of providing provable fairness. Here’s an example of how some basic Ethereum casino games can be proved to be fair:

  • Server creates a random secret seed.
  • It is hashed and sent to the player.
  • Player’s device also creates a random seed.
  • Results from a random roll are the result of the combination of both seeds.
  • First seed is revealed and can be verified by the player as matching the hash of their generated seed.

Although it’s a complicated process and you might not be able to do it for yourself, casino reviews will often comment on the validity of the provably fair claims. If many people verify that they have used the software and checked for fairness, you can be confident that the venue is legitimate.

Ethereum Casino Q&A

How Secure are Ethereum Casinos?

Safety and security at Ethereum casinos vary from one to the next. Few are regulated at the moment which means a huge difference between the best of worst offerings. Always do your research before signing up and depositing at an Ethereum casino. Check reviews and licences and don’t just take one or two sources as gospel. Online, a lot of “reviews” are paid for and do not give a clear picture of the service offered.

That said, since deposits and withdrawals are so quick when using the Ethereum network, you can keep very small bankrolls at venues and withdraw them after each session. This substantially decreases your vulnerability to website hacks or exit scams from the operator itself.

How Much Personal Information Does an Ethereum Casino Require?

One of the best things about using a cryptocurrency like Ethereum is the fact that it can be done with pseudonymity (partial privacy). There is therefore no need to submit reams of personal information (such as full names, addresses, passport scans) to enjoy the games at the venue. Often an email address is requested. However, some Ethereum casinos do not require an account registration at all. They simply ask you to password protect your online Ethereum wallet to allow you to resume playing at a later date.

That said, if you don’t submit an email address (even one you set up just to play online) casinos have no way of contacting you should a particularly juicy bonus come up!

Is there a Minimum Deposit?

There is no technical reason for a minimum deposit at an Ethereum casino. The network will allow for micropayments of less than 1c. However, some cryptocurrency casinos do enforce a minimum deposit. There isn’t really any justifiable reason for this but the thresholds are usually as low as $5 to $10 worth of cryptocurrency. Deposits less than this amount will likely result in an incredibly short session at the tables anyway!

Are Deposit Bonuses Available too?

Yes! In fact, since Ethereum casinos are so new and have a lot to prove in a highly competitive industry, first and subsequent deposit bonuses are often much juicier than you will find at a traditional online casino. Some offer deposit bonuses in the thousands of dollars!

As always, make sure you read the terms and conditions of any offer you want to partake in thoroughly. Wagering requirements, excluded games, and time restrictions might all end up in disappointment if the player isn’t clued up before accepting the bonus.

Are Ethereum Casinos Available on Mobile?

Just like traditional online casinos, most Ethereum gambling venues are optimised to be viewed on a number of different devices with different sized screens. Some actually have standalone applications too, although just like in the wider online gambling industry, this is becoming rarer by the year.

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