Best Slots with Free Spins for Women

Let's face it: there aren't a lot of casino games geared towards the female segment of the population. Most casinos feature games that are obviously focused on appealing to the male audience. But these days, that is no longer the case. With more and more online and real-world casinos experiencing an influx of female players, many have taken it upon themselves to update their game lineups to more female-friendly selections.

Enter the women power-themed games. Boasting of all the action and pulse-pounding excitement as the most popular perennial casino favorites, the latest crop of female-oriented games deliver a fun-filled and enjoyable experience that will appeal to women players of all levels.

Slots are of course among the most popular genres in the casino world, and female readers will be glad to know that there are many fine selections for them to check out in this category as well. Most of these games feature themes that most women should find close to their hearts, but make no mistake: there's nothing girly about the action and excitement levels you will find here!

Hot City

  • Theme: Shopping
  • Features: Great top payout, bonus game

Hot City is a shopping-themed game that should endear itself to any woman that loves spinning the slots as much as wielding a credit card! Along with the charming shopping theme are heartwarming touches of love and romance set in the fabulous Big Apple. You also get one of the biggest and most generous top payouts in the business, along with loads of free spins. And as if that wasn't enough, Hot City also gives you the chance to take part in a shoe-shopping bonus game. An essential game for female slots aficionados!

Karamba Casino

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Geisha Story

  • Theme: Geisha garden
  • Features: Progressive jackpot, bonus game

One of the most unique slots games in this selection, Geisha Story brings together all the exotic feel and atmosphere of a geisha garden in a thoroughly romantic love story. Setting the mood is a captivating pink color motif that helps give the game a relaxing and calming appearance. Some of the more welcome features of the game are the Dollar Ball progressive jackpot, which definitely adds a lot to the fun and excitement factor. You also get a good number of free spins, which–along with the other features–helps put some much-needed cash in your bankroll.

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True Love

  • Theme: Romance
  • Features: Wild multiplier, gamble feature

It may be a bit of a cliché, but it is pretty hard to deny that most women appreciate more than a bit of romance. From books to movies to music and more, romance seems to be the overriding theme in many cultural expressions catering to female audiences. Now, there is a slots game that unabashedly pours on the romantic aspect and it definitely delivers. Aptly named True Love, the game has a number of features that should make it irresistible to slots players that want a bit of serious gameplay along with their romance. Wild multipliers, a cool gamble feature, and a generous array of free spins helps seal the deal, and makes the absence of a bonus game a bit more acceptable.

Titanbet Casino

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Shopping Spree II

  • Theme: Shopping
  • Features: Progressive jackpot, bonus game

Yet another shopping-themed game, Shopping Spree II is the latest iteration of the original slots classic, Shopping Spree. More than just an offshoot, Shopping Spree II actually adds a whole lot to the original version of the game with a progressive jackpot, a bonus game, and several free spin opportunities. Keep an eye out for the four Diamond Ring symbols, which come with a 20x sale symbol. This unlocks the progressive jackpot, which at the time of this writing stands at a whopping $100,000.

Raging Bull Casino

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Thunder Down Under

  • Theme: Vegas show "Australia's Thunder From Down Under"
  • Features: Doubled winnings

Thunder Down Under is one of the raciest video slots games around, and it will definitely raise a few eyebrows! Based on the hit Vegas show known as "Australia's Thunder From Down Under", the game features play symbols represented by five men in varying stages of undress. There's more to the game than titillating displays of half-naked men however, with as many as 20 free spins sweetening the doubled winnings deal.

LeoVegas Casino

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Cute & Fluffy

  • Theme: Kittens and puppies
  • Features: 10,000 x bet

From the racy, we head straight into the land of the irresistibly cute and charming with a game that should appeal to even the manliest of men! Called Cute and Fluffy, the game is filled with an assortment of kittens and puppies that romp about in total abandon. Boasting of superb graphics and animation, the game will also appeal to more serious slots players by providing them the chance to win 10,000 times the initial wager. As with all the other games in this lineup, Cute and Fluffy also comes with a host of free spins.

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Wonder Woman

  • Theme: Wonder Woman
  • Features: Wild multiplier, bonus game

No superhero is more ideally suited to female-themed slots games than Wonder Woman. An icon of feminism long before the concept of feminism was the prominent facet of society that it is today, Wonder Woman is the main focal point of this exciting slots game. More than just a rallying point for women, the game has an undeniable element of fun and excitement thanks to its wild multiplier and free spins. As if that isn't enough, you also have the opportunity to butt heads with an army of zombies in a totally action-packed bonus game.

Karamba Casino

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