Top 5 Sportsbooks in Las Vegas

Published on 02 Feb 2018 by Mason Jones
Top 5 Sportsbooks in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is of course known as one of the world's gambling capitals, and its reputation and renown show no sign of abating. Still a favorite among gamblers of all levels of experience and persuasions, it is also a bustling hive of sportsbook activity, with many fine establishments. With new laws and a massive change in online gambling law happening, this may be your last chance to take advantage of the excuse to go to Vegas to have a sports betting punt. Soon you will be able to access USA no deposit bonus codes and not bother with having to travel to bet. If you are planning on visiting Vegas any time soon and you are looking to get into some sportsbook action, we highly recommend that you check out these places below!

Westgate Las Vegas

Special features:

  • Biggest football contest in Las Vegas
  • Recently renovated
  • Largest TV screen in any Vegas sportsbook

Other perks:

  • Historic location
  • 100-foot bar
  • 1,500-seat theater open on Sundays
  • Remote betting station

Westgate Las Vegas is home to one of the most reputable sportsbooks in Las Vegas. Known as "Superbook", it is located on the premises of what was formerly the Las Vegas Hilton. Superbook itself is famous for the biggest football contest in town, the SuperContest.

Recently completed renovation has given the place a new lease on life, with huge TV screens and one of the biggest individual screens in any Vegas sportsbook. The place also features a 100-foot bar and a 1,500-seat theater.

Lagasse's Stadium

Special features:

  • One of the best sportsbook in Las Vegas
  • Combination bar, restaurant, casino, and lounge

Other perks:

  • Plush couches and comfortable ottomans
  • Plenty of waitresses

Lagasse's Stadium is the site of one of the finest sportsbooks in Vegas. A combination bar, restaurant, casino, and lounge, it has a main stadium area filled with comfortable couches and ottomans. There are always plenty of waitresses around to take your orders, and a wide selection of food and drinks available.

A luxurious and elegant environment, Lagasse's Stadium tends to attract a sizeable crowd during major sporting events. If you can get a reservation however, the excellent sportsbook features will make the crunch worth it.


Special features:

  • Renovated in 2011
  • Excellent lighting
  • Quality TV screens

Other perks:

  • Classy office-style chairs
  • Stylish desks
  • Excellent bar with attentive bartenders

The Venetian was renovated in 2011, giving the place a noticeably luxurious air. The lighting and the TVs screens are especially impressive, and its sportsbook features are second to none. The Venetian utilizes the proprietary system developed by CG Technology, which should leave no doubt as to its quality and excellence.

Stylish red desks and huge office style chairs further lend an element of class to the elegant atmosphere. It also has a fine bar with attentive bartenders, and you could easily spend a couple of hours simply enjoying the action on the floor with a couple of cold drinks to keep you company.

MGM Grand

Special features:

  • Headquarters for the MGM Resorts sportsbooks
  • Hosts plenty of events
  • Huge TV screen

Other perks:

  • Vibrant and energetic atmosphere
  • Comfortable leather chairs

The MGM Grand is a name famous among casino denizens for many years now, and its sportsbook is equally worthy of acclaim. Recently renovated, the sportsbook boasts of the same elegance and style as the rest of the casino's facilities.

Sportsbook aficionados will appreciate the fact that the MGM Grand is actually sportsbook central for the MGM Resorts group. Much of the sportsbook action of the brand therefore takes place here. In addition, you also get the chance to enjoy a variety of high-profile sporting events including UFC, boxing, and basketball. And given the size of the casino, you get a wide variety of betting options, with huge TV screens and a classy environment further sealing the deal.


Special features:

  • Elegant and upscale setting
  • Recently remodeled
  • Ideally suited for high rollers

Other perks:

  • Luxurious leather chairs
  • Spacious lounge

The Bellagio has also undergone extensive remodeling in recent years, and the results definitely show. Plush leather chairs and an expansive lounge area are now located all over the floor, with the Interactive Pro Tables being some of its more welcome new offerings. More than 5,600 square-feet of space are occupied by the race and sportsbook facilities, so there is more than enough room for even sizeable crowds. Keep in mind that high-rollers typically prowl the premises, so make sure to bring you're A-game and your wallet!

Special mentions:

The Mirage Race & Sportsbook

Special features:

  • Renovated in 2013
  • Huge TV screen

Other perks:

  • Drinks are available
  • VIP couch

Once one of the finest sportsbooks in Vegas, the Mirage Race & Sportsbook had unfortunately lost much of its luster over the years. Nevertheless, the fairly recent renovation undertaken in 2013 has resulted in a new lease on life for the place, which is now set to hit the top of the sportsbook game with a vengeance!

Huge comfortable chairs can now be seen where there was once old-fashioned desk style seating. There is also a huge TV screen that is pretty hard to miss now covering almost the entire width of the sportsbook area.


Special features:

  • One of the most luxurious casinos in Vegas
  • Independently operated

    Other perks:
  • Comfortable setting
  • Plenty of seats and TVs

Wynn has been around for many years now, and it is admittedly beginning to show signs of its age. Nevertheless, it is still one of the most respected casinos on the Strip, and its sportsbook facilities continue to attract crowds of high rollers and even newbies.

Comfortable and homey, the sportsbook room has more than enough seats to accommodate even large crowds, which is a good thing considering the heavy influx of people during major sporting events. Wynn is also the best place to take advantage of fair lines, owing to the fact that it is still an independently-operated sportsbook.